The Foundation of Law


Change is an inevitable occurrence in life, sometimes brought on by chance, sometimes elicited by the courage of individuals. It is impossible to imagine our society without prospective change.

Ideally, the instrument of change in our society is the law. Unfortunately, the law often plays catch-up to the gradual changes in the human condition. At the Federal level, the hearts and minds of the people must change before the law will change. The United States Supreme Court has consistently been several steps behind the states in creating change and it is federal changes that truly affect our society as a whole. As long as the Supreme Court resists change until it is evidenced that the majority of society supports the change, the law will be a slow instrument for bringing forth change.

Change is generally good for individuals and for society as a whole.

Change in the law is important because we are always evolving as a people and the law must reflect our society.

Change is the foundation of my career as a lawyer. Without change I would not be practicing because the prospect of change is what allows me to help my clients and affect society. The flexibility of the law means a lawyer can advocate to change the law, or change its interpretation, where the fair treatment of clients or classes of people dictates that the change should be made.

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