Green Means Change


“Going Green” has become a popular term in recent years. For individuals it means recycling, using less fossil fuel, and opting for more sustainable ways of life. For a company, it means change.
In the not to distant past, Americans were burning millions of gallons of fossil fuels for everything from heat to transportation. Those days are transitioning into a much cleaner and greener time, but how does a company evolve to lessen its carbon footprint?

All companies aim to make a profit, which means they have to buy low and sell high. Over the years, the easiest way to “buy low” has been through using countries where manufacturing is cheap and pollution is high. As companies have become more conscious of their actions (and after many consumers have demanded they go green), they have started switching to using more recycled materials, sustainable materials and using renewable energy like solar and wind instead of coal.

Energy efficient light bulbs, recycled paper towels, sustainable office supplies; these are all easy things to help your company go green, but it doesn’t stop there. You can rework your entire line of goods to be green compliant too! Recycled cardboard with botanically derived ink for packaging. Organic and humane ingredients for your products. Tubes and cartons made from corn. The possibilities are endless! At my offices, I replaced the old lights with new energy efficient models, replaced paper towels with recycled paper towels, and use nothing but renewable energy.

Whenever you mention the word “change,” you can see your bookkeeper and accountants cringe. Change, to them, means money. Money out of your company’s accounts and into an investment for change. Going green is a good way to spend green, but trust me, it will be well worth it, and the difference will be made up. We were able to make back the difference after our first order.

Passing along costs to customers is the easiest way to recoup the losses of converting your entire building into a solar reflector. Market your new “green” status and get the buzz going; consumers will be happy to spend a little extra for a company doing the right thing.

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