Being Morally and Socially Aware


Responsibility in my opinion is being morally and socially aware. You must allow yourself to listen to your inner conscience to help guide you along with having great faith in God. I’m not afraid to say that because of my faith, it has allowed me to get through the most challenging of times. It’s allowed me to challenge my code of ethics to be a better person and look at life, business and relationships RESPONSIBLY.

Responsibility also means hard work, follow through and making your own opportunity. You must take responsibility for yourself and how to achieve your dreams. If that is bio-engineering flowers, creating a fashion line, developing a new breakthrough consumer innovation or writing a blog or book, you have to take steps that keep you reputable, make your voice heard in a non-threatening way and innately challenging yourself to be a good person that helps him/herself as much as others.

Responsibility in this new day and age also encapsulates environmental protection, disease prevention and social work. Letting life orbit around you is not taking responsibility of how you can be part of change. Don’t you want to feel that you were a part of making your life, your loved ones and a little part of society better? Responsibility mean that you get up in the morning, put a smile on your face and face the challenges of the day with a great attitude. Responsibility is wonderful. Embrace it, try to master it in your own way and allow it to change you for the better.

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