Do you have Steven Spielberg’s Number?


I read somewhere Steve Spielberg talking about the importance of mentorship. I thought to myself, “That’s great, how do I get his number?” Of course the answer to that is, you don’t. But that’s OK; I lean a little more towards Ingmar Bergman and Stanley Kubrick anyway. Both of which I will not be getting their numbers either unless Verizon’s service reaches as far as they boast about.

As a director, I would have and still would love to have a mentor. There are many times I wish I had another director that I respect and admire to call up just to bitch about my day on set. Because really no one understands a director like another director. All the need to bitch to someone aside, to me to have a mentor would probably feel like if you were stranded on a deserted island and someone walked up to you, offered you something more than a coconut and told you they could help you find a way off the island.

In this business, it’s really helpful to have someone with experience to point the way. And I’m not even talking about creative guidance; I’m talking about guidance in career navigation. Also, lets face it, connections are a bit of a must in this business. There’s no such thing as starting in the mailroom and working up to director.

But being your own guide isn’t all bad either. Although I’m not always happy where things may be for me, I don’t ever look back at anything as a misstep. My own choices have brought me to some great projects, including the web series “Anyone But Me” which I work as the director as well as executive producer and writer. “Anyone But Me” is also the big reason why I’m writing this blog for dot429. A great organization that I’m proud to be a part of, which advocates mentorship. And because of dot429, if one day someone thinks I could be a mentor to him or her they won’t have to look too hard for my number.

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TINA CESA WARD is a writer and director for film and new media. Her short film In Their Absence has screened in over a dozen festivals around the world and was awarded five times both domestically and abroad. And was named one of the best short films of the decade by Festival de cortos MíraLes in 2011. For three seasons Tina was the Executive Producer/Writer/Director of one of the most beloved independent scripted dramas on the web, Anyone But Me. Anyone But Me has reached over 35 million views and has brought home several industry awards highlighted by Tina (along with Susan Miller) winning the first ever Writers Guild Award for Original New Media. Nomination highlights include Webby nominations and Streamy Award nominations. And in 2012 Tina (along with Susan Miller) took home the International Academy of Web TV award for writing in a drama. Tina has been nominated several times for her directing, and in 2013 won the International Academy of Web TV Award for Best Directing in a Drama. In 2010 Tina directed the successful branded web series Bestsellers. In 2011 Tina debuted the critically acclaimed Good People in Love, which DIGIDAY calls “...a new milestone for online video series.” Tina hard at work on her new series Producing Juliet which made its world premiere at the Raindance Film Festival’s WebFest and is now currently in release. Tina is also the creator and writer of the comic book series Guards of Dagmar, which is published digitally through Comixology.

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