Moving to Los Angeles


When I was 17 I moved to Los Angeles to go to Otis College of Art and Design. Moving across country and not knowing anyone, one of the first things I worked on securing was a weekend internship at a local gallery. I ended up at Track 16 Gallery in Bergamot Station working with their curator Laurie Steelink. Over a period of 6 months as I showed the staff that I was fully capable of taking on challenging tasks, they provided me with more ambitious projects. As I went through my undergrad at Otis, I kept my internship at Track 16 through my first summer in Los Angeles.

During my last year at Otis I took another internship, this time as the assistant to the curator of a large private collection. Once again my capabilities were challenged until I could prove to the staff that I was not only competent but also willing to grow and open to constructive criticism. I worked closely with the curator who opened my eyes to new language and artists. In the end, I was able to give tours of the art on premises to other dealers, curators and collectors who would come to visit and walk through the expansive and ever growing collection.

My internships with Track 16 and the large private collection set the stage for a lot of the information I took with me when I opened Silverman Gallery in 2006. Now I am able to, on some level, provide the same experience for someone else. Since opening I have had numerous interns come through my doors and each time I attempt to provide them with the same platform for growth, experience and learning that was so important to me. The people I interned with were like mentors for me as they provided me with different experiences so that when I moved into my professional world I knew about the various choices I had and the varying styles of professions available in the arts field.

Images: Aaron Noble and Andrew Schoultz Wall Paintings that were produced in 2004 when I was interning at Track 16 Gallery

About The Author

Jessica Silverman is the owner and director of Silverman Gallery, which was founded in 2006. Gallery is located at 804 Sutter Street in Downtown San Francisco and represents emerging and established San Francisco and International artists. The artist’s and exhibition programs have garnered national press and recognition.

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