2010 Trends I’m Already Sick Of…


I have to admit that I get annoyed when I hear the term trend. I immediately think of something I’m going to have hear or see way too much about in a short amount of time and then never hear or see anything about it again (except for when it pops up 7 years from now in some sort of “I love 2009” Vh-1 special). Since we are at the beginning of 2010, I think it’s a great time for me to share the trends that I’m done with or as I like to refer to it, my 2010, “I’m Over It” List.

• Kanye West Award Show Hijackings
We get it Kanye! No one held you as a child and you now have an explosive case of narcissistic personality disorder.

• Tween Marketing
What ever happened to something just being for “kids” or using numbers to describe an age range? And besides, you can’t stay “Tween” forever, right Miley?

• Skinny Jeans

Don’t get me wrong, being 5’4” I’m all for the small cut, but I’m referring to the jeans that make your legs look like 2 Civil War tourniquet’s are attached to your body.

• Caring about Tiger Woods
Are people really that surprised that one of the most successful, professional athletes of all time, sleeps around? Maybe we’re just happy that something exciting happened in golf.

• Hipsters

You’re not hip if you have to refer to yourself as such. That kind of self-referencing title hasn’t been accurate since Kool and the Gang.

• Anything Involving Sarah Palin

She’s the first person, who has made my list 2 years in a row and she’ll continue to be on it until she goes away. On a side note, I was really hoping to get through her book before year’s end, but I couldn’t find my box of crayons.

• Cupcakes

Don’t get me wrong. I love cupcakes or really anything that falls into the cake category, but cupcakes have become so ridiculously trendy. In the past year I have seen stores advertise “designer cupcakes” and seen a storefront that claims it is a “cupcake boutique.” Enough! Handbag should be designer, not cupcakes. They are supposed to be the imperfect, messy snack you take to school for your birthday so you don’t get beat up at recess for not bringing anything.

• Unsolicited Prayers from Others

I’m obviously not talking about the ones with good intentions. I’ll always take those, as I need any help I can get. I’m talking about the family members who upon introduction to my life-partner, simply respond with, “I’ll pray for you.”

Photo Credits:SOCIALisBETTER (Kanye West), tiffanybbrown (Sarah Palin)

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Ryan Kasmier is a gay, San Francisco-based stand up comedian and performer, but his comedy is very straight friendly. Seriously, some of his best friends are straight. Ryan can be likened to a feisty little Italian sausage because his wit, unique humor, and tongue-in-cheek style, are all tightly packed into one small person. Ryan’s comedy is largely biographical and his incredulous tone and observational stories are filled with sarcastic jokes that catch the audience off-guard and send them into hysterics. Ryan won first place in the 2009 Battle of the Bay Comedy Competition. His energy, large array of topics and ability to draw in audiences make him a popular host. He regularly plays various Bay Area comedy venues including The Clubhouse, Harvey's, and The Russian River Resort. Clips of Ryan’s work as well as a schedule of performances can be found at www.funnyryan.com.

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