The Law of the Majority


Generally, the trend in the law, especially federal law, is for the majority of peoples’ beliefs to dictate what legislation is implemented. For example, interracial marriage, though permitted in 1948 in California, wasn’t approved by the United States Supreme Court until 20 years later, once the beliefs of the majority of people had changed.

It is the same now with gay marriage. It is not trendy enough, meaning the majority does not support it nor believe it is wrong to discriminate against the gay community in such a way. Once the majority changes its beliefs, the federal courts will follow the trend and stamp out the discrimination, but no earlier. The states are slowly setting a trend of permitting same-sex marriage, but at this time it simply isn’t trendy enough.

Until the minority becomes the majority, federal law will offer no relief to the gay community as a whole. Ultimately, trends among the people dictate the law and the trends follow the majority. Meanwhile, the minority suffers discrimination while it waits for the majority’s beliefs to become more enlightened.

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