Trends I’m Not Seeing, But Hope For…


The problem with trends is they change the minute you try to capture them, so here’s a list of TRENDS I’m not seeing, but hope for.

1. Newspapers “unfolding”

2. Thinking before tweeting

3. Writing pads that only work with pencils.

4. An entirely new dictionary with completely original words giving us an awesome new vocabulary

5. More looking

6. Less commenting

7. The end of questions about how to monetize a web series because the solution was always there

8. Plays that don’t need celebrities

9. The forever finale of CSI and Law & Order franchises

10. A day without devices

11. JD Salinger

12. Risk

About The Author

Writer/Executive producer of the hit web series, "ANYONE BUT ME" ( Consulting Producer/writer: "THE L WORD" and "THIRTYSOMETHING". Creator/Writer webseries "BESTSELLERS" Guggenheim Fellow in playwriting: My Left Breast (OBIE); A Map of Doubt And Rescue (Susan Smith Blackburn Prize), Nasty Rumors And Final Remarks (OBIE).

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