Living Well Will Kill You by the Next News Cycle


Living Green. Going Green. Environmentally Green. How can a color that’s supposed to be so soothing cause so much stress and confusion? Someone inadvertently forgot to mention a few seemingly insignificant details to us. Primarily that those cute, wiggly, energy-saving, environmentally-friendly, fluorescent light bulbs cost a fortune to ship and transport half-way around the globe to our asphalt-friendly local mega-malls, so we can drive our Range Rovers to pick one up for more than the cost of a mean ol’ energy-wasting un-wiggly bulb. Eeesh! Why are we doing this exactly?! Oh right…right.. It’s the Green thing to do.

Yes, I know, in the long run it’s supposed to work out all for the best. How long is this ‘long run’ going to take? It’s been quite a few years since I first remember reading a Realtor magazine article about solar-paneled roofs, Jetsons-like space-age kitchens and electric car garages for everyone. At least we have made some small progress with higher-efficiency furnaces & engines, recyclable wood-based products, hip green-lifestyle brainwashing – I mean marketing!

It’s cool to be green. For now…

Asbestos was cool too. Plastics were even cooler. Preservative-infused Twinkies. Aquanet. And of course those cool filter-tipped Marlboros. That silly old generation! What in the world were they thinking? If only they could have been as smart as we are now! Just look at us with our blue-can recycling programs.. oh, wait.. that separate landfill scandal hasn’t been entirely worked out yet. Well, how about LEED certified green construction and organic supermarkets? Admirable, but still out of reach for the majority average consumer. Conscious global (gulp) warming? Umm.. let’s call it “climate change” again and call it a day on that one for a while. Or until the next slow news cycle.

Let’s just follow the money again. Green is in as long as it keeps someone in the black. The Green Movement can only last so long if it can’t make a complete connection of services, products, conservation and industry. It’s sometimes the hardest lesson to learn because it takes an entire generation’s time to realize, and certainly appreciate, that you can’t get the cool green stuff without someone able to build the cool green stuff.

Some people are better than others at conservation. And the rest will just have to pick up the slack for the ones who can’t or won’t. That’s just the way it is. Eat less; Pick up after yourself; Exercise; Sleep; and turn off the lights if you’re last. I don’t think we need to worry about oil lamps coming back into fashion for a while, but hopefully our money-making industry leaders are wise enough to put some of the old technology to better use this time around. You know what I’m talking about, right?

Alright, let’s say it all together now: Nuke.. yew.. lurr. Yikes! Where’s my asbestos iPhone case?!?!

About The Author

I made a choice to enter the real estate field early while considering pursuing a career either as an architect, psychologist, musician or an active duty U.S. Marine. Starting as a full time Realtor and a top agent in my first office, I quickly realized I had to expand my knowledge and education into the commercial market to better serve both my clients and customers. Experience through a varied background in many aspects of the business is what I have earned since 1987, including studying abroad for partner market investments, active memberships with National Real Estate Associations, local Equal Housing committees, and neighborhood Chambers of Commerce. Continuing education has proven to me that the industry is ever changing, and we all must meet the needs and demands of our previous and future clients and customers on local, national, and international scopes. Being proud and very grateful to have worked with the most successful and professional companies in Chicago such as Prudential, Coldwell Banker, and Rubloff only re-affirmed that the most important professional relationship in my industry is, and will continue to be directly between each Realtor and each individual client and customer. The real estate industry has changed and evolved dramatically, at the fastest pace ever in only these past few tumultuous years. Today, again I have made a choice to position myself to best use the myriad of resources available to me, to first and foremost, benefit my clients' needs above any franchise or companies' business strategy. I have been presented many Real Estate awards throughout my career. But one that I hold in high regard is a professional QSC designation with an almost 100% rating for referral, satisfied, and repeat clients. My work and reputation within the Real Estate community, business referral partners and fellow Realtor colleagues is also an indelible part of my business practice. As a Chicago Bucktown / Wicker Park resident and property owner, I greatly appreciate being able to invest personally in this market and donate a small portion from each of my closing commissions to the Chicago Mercy Home for Boys and Girls organization assisting abused and homeless children. I have always sustained and invested in my real estate career, and will continue as long as I am able to be productive, make a positive difference and truly enjoy it. It is important to me that my clients, customers and collegues enjoy it as well!

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