Trends That Stick


Ask any interior designer about the latest trends and, if they are any good, they’ll most likely give you a look of disdain. Trends, or trendy, are not what a client wants to hear or see in their interiors – you can go to any retail establishment to see the latest trend. However, in my world, if it has reached the retail establishments, it’s probably over.

But some trends are not fleeting and become staples. A few years ago, green design, especially in terms of architecture, was all the rage. Now, it’s a standard in the industry. I’m also seeing more natural materials – furniture made from repurposed wood, natural wood stains rather than the ever-popular dark walnut, and calming colors. I always strive for a collected look in my interiors – a mixture of old, new, traditional and modern.

Having said that, colors always trend in one direction or the other. Unless you use all white in your interiors, there are colors that are used like mad now and, in a few years, will be out. Thankfully that is something very easy to change. Right now, charcoal greys, taupes, deep rich blues and earthy reds and oranges and my colors of choice. And three years ago if you had told me I would be painting the trim in my own house a deep taupe/grey, I would have said you were crazy. Oh no, does that mean I’m trendy?!

About The Author

I am an interior designer in California. I own a boutique interior design firm in 1999. We specialize in high end residential design - including full interior remodels, decoration, home automation, project management and art consulting.

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