Build a Healthy Network to Stay Healthy


There is a TON of information floating out there concerning fitness, wellness, and holistic approaches to health, etc. The tough thing is finding the trustworthy, reliable sources for information that applies to your body, health history, and goals. So much of the fitness and wellness industry, especially the frightening supplement industry, is more focused on getting money into corporate pockets than it is on helping you achieve a healthier life. So when you choose to network for information concerning your health and your body I have some basic advice on who to trust and where to find this info:

– Be aware of information/research sources. A ton of data out there (especially regarding supplements or workout programs) has been gathered and researched by companies trying to sell their products. ALWAYS check for sources on articles in EVERY magazine or on ANY website.

– There are also a HUGE number of ‘quick and cheap’ personal trainer certifications out there. Some of these can be earned in less than 2 months and in NO WAY leave an individual prepared to train someone. Trainers often see clients 2-3 times a week and will be giving clients exercises that can HUGE effects on joints, posture, alignment, digestive system, metabolism, heart health, etc. You see your doctor once a year and your trainer is working with you 3 times a week giving you daily advice to follow – MAKE SURE they know what they are talking about! The reputable personal trainer certification courses I recommend are: NASM (recommend CES or PES), NATA, ACSM, NSCA (Recommend CSCS over CPT), Chek Institute (Recommend Level 1 Practitioner at minimum). I have listed some info on the advanced levels within these programs, so I also recommend looking for these advanced trainings.

– Only take nutrition advice and supplement advice from registered dietician or someone who has consulted/studied under a RD, NOT from your friends who saw an ad in a magazine. If it is a new supplement, do your online research before even thinking about taking it. The supplement industry is not regulated, so you really have no idea what ingredients are in the supplements.

It is important to build a network of reliable health care professionals that you can go to for advice (trainer, physical therapist, registered dietician). Ask your friends who lead healthy lives who they are currently working with and where they get their advice and then ask for references from each their professionals.

About The Author

Having grown up in North Carolina, I have lived in San Francisco for 16 years now. I began personal training in 1999 and my partner Mike Clausen and I opened DIAKADI Personal Training and Wellness Center in 2004 in the SOMA district of San Francisco. We currently have over 70 of the TOP personal trainers in San Francisco working with us as well as an in-house sports med doctor and physical therapist, a registered dietitian, an organic personal chef service, corrective massage therapists, and yoga/Pilates instructors. DIAKADI has become San Francisco's leading one stop shop for all of our client's wellness needs.

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