Risk in the Gallery


Risk is an important element in the art world, especially as a young dealer working towards making a name for myself and my artists.Playing it safe, you may have strong shows that sell well but you do not necessarily allow yourself to stand out from the crowd. If you are not taking risks then there is a good chance you are not doing anything new.

Nonetheless, even if you want to take risks all the time, they need to be calculated.You cannot always try to show the next big artist simply because you see it as challenging and uncharacteristic of a white wall gallery space; you have to like what you show.

Sometimes that is as simple and beautiful as a light-box or as thought provoking and defiant of the white cube as an installation of soil and textiles in a gallery’s front window.Occasionally you get an artist who gives you both.Without experimentation there is no room to separate your gallery from any other, but sometimes just having the passion and desire to show what you like is risk enough.

Whether emerging, mid-career, or an established artist sometimes it is beneficial to take a chance on something different and original. People who appreciate contemporary art like seeing work that challenges their notion of what contemporary art is and what it can be.The art world runs the risk of becoming redundant if everyone shows the same thing.One of the reasons San Francisco is such a great city for the arts is because galleries are not scared of doing something atypical.

About The Author

Jessica Silverman is the owner and director of Silverman Gallery, which was founded in 2006. Gallery is located at 804 Sutter Street in Downtown San Francisco and represents emerging and established San Francisco and International artists. The artist’s and exhibition programs have garnered national press and recognition.

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