Risk in the Recession


Going into the recession in Fall of 2008, when I was still working mainly in fashion advertising, I expected the campaigns for the upcoming seasons to become more and more daring, risky and therefore interesting. I was convinced that the decline in consumption, hitting the luxury goods and fashion industry especially hard, would spark a footrace between the competing fashion houses for the customers attention, materializing in each other out playing imagery. Unfortunately and to my dissapointing surprise this was not the case.

Instead companies became more and more frightened by the economic situation surrounding them slaying former competitors left and right. And with the fear of the next quarter’s end growing, the courage regarding their customer relation shrank. Tame, dull, safe and boring campaigns were to follow, more geared to secure the remaining cunsumer base, rather then gain new customers.

But not just fear alone, also budget restraints caused by the finanzial down turn, lead to a visible loss in crativity and quality. Formerly working for industry wide well known designer Stafan Sagmeister, I was lucky enough to being part of a very creative environment, where the most foreign concepts almost always fell on furtile soil. It was also a place where I learned that great ideas only will come to life in the hands of an educated and openminded client!

About The Author

Matthias Ernstberger is co-founder and president of Timko&Klick, a New York based multidisciplinary art direction and graphic design firm. Before founding Timko&Klick in March 2009, Matthias spent 6 years as designer at Sagmeister Inc., New York, and 2 years as art director at the fashion branding boutique agency Lipman. Please feel to contact Matthias directly at Matthias@Timkoandklick.com

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