On Being Unique…


In the interior design industry, if you don’t take risk, you don’t grow.

That is, of course, my own opinion. In my studio, we try to not do the same thing twice. We might reuse a fabric for a different client or a piece of furniture, but not the same design concept. It would certainly make my life and my design team’s lives much easier, but I feel we would not be doing what our clients hire us to do – which is to provide them with an individual interior for their home that is tailored to how they live.

In the end, if you aren’t taking risk and trying new things – whether it is mixing colors and patterns, changing the scale of a piece in the room, mixing different periods of antiques, and so on, you aren’t unique.

There is a great deal of risk in being unique. Often times, we design pieces of furniture for clients. It is a one of a kind piece and it is generally expensive to do. We don’t have the luxury of creating a prototype or making it more than once, so we have no choice but to get it right the first time out. That takes a great deal of thought and detail and is very RISKY.

About The Author

I am an interior designer in California. I own a boutique interior design firm in 1999. We specialize in high end residential design - including full interior remodels, decoration, home automation, project management and art consulting.

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