Starting Out


The residential interior design industry can be a scary one for someone just starting out. I was in that place many years ago and will never forget the more experienced designers who were kind enough to give me direction on anything from dealing with a difficult client situation to business practices to a source for the best embroiderer in the U.S.

I’ve been honored to be invited to speak on many different panels on design in San Francisco. While I will admit (and those who know me don’t really believe) I get terribly nervous speaking in front of an audience, I think it is incredibly important to do so and accept every invitation I can.

Last year, I was interviewed for a podcast on a design blog. I told the interviewer about starting my own business in the guest room of my home and how I was happy to take any job that came my way no matter what the size of the project. A young designer later told me that they had listened to the blog and how refreshing it was to hear a success story from someone that started out modestly and built their business from the ground up.

Mentoring at any level is an important part of any industry. It builds confidence in a younger generation and gives them confidence to be strong, ethical, creative individuals. I’ve tried to do my part, though I always feel I can do more.

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About The Author

I am an interior designer in California. I own a boutique interior design firm in 1999. We specialize in high end residential design - including full interior remodels, decoration, home automation, project management and art consulting.

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