State of Reinvention


The term “change” couldn’t be more of an appropriate topic to discuss from an automotive perspective. Whether it is change in sales, change in technology or change in design, the automotive industry is always in a state of reinvention. Unfortunately, the recent economic climate has acclerated the normal evolution of the industry into a near-catastrophic pace that has brought layoffs, consolidation, and the death of brands.

Not all is dire in Autodom, though. The economic downturn is akin to an ice storm that helps nature get rid of dead branches- The realignment within the industry will utlimately bring the consumer safer, more efficient vehicles packed with technology that was once thought impossible.

A new focus on efficiency will allow consumers to continue to drive the vehicles they love while lessening the impact on the environment. A continued focus on technology will make vehicles safer and more integrated into their owner’s lives. And design will emerge as the ultimate differentiator for the automotive brands.

Change has always been integral to the auto industry and it will continue to be. The recently accelerated rate was the industry hitting a patch of black ice. It shall soon return to dry pavement and settle back into more managed change – on cruise control, if you will.

About The Author

I am a seasoned automotive industry expert who brings a unique perspective to automotive media. My expertise has been cultivated during over 13 years working in the industry at automotive companies and third-party Internet sites. I recently joined the excellent social media team at General Motors in Detroit, MI. An automotive enthusiast since childhood, my passion for the product fueled my desire to work in the industry. My early career included time spent in various departments honing various skills in marketing, market research, product planning, business development and web site development. My current position has allowed me to combine a unique work and educational background to create a cohesive strategy for messaging in the dynamic social media space. My last company established a niche online and I have been successful in connecting both the LGBT consumer and the automotive companies in a professional and credible environment. My skills and confidence as a communicator have raised awareness of LGBT issues throughout the industry and have helped normalize the discussion of the LGBT consumer as a valid target group. My work has appeared in the major LGBT media outlets and he has been quoted in both mainstream (NPR, NY Times,, Automotive News) and LGBT media.

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