Legally Green


Mention the word “green” ten years ago and one’s first thought was more likely to be money than the environment. Nowadays the most responsible civic action a person can take is going green. While there are now many laws to help us become a greener society, and it looks like we can only expect more legislative action on that front, it is really up to the people to take action in their everyday lives. Green laws applicable to individuals are not easily enforced, and the law will not force people to participate in activities that will help make our environment healthier for people and animals alike.

Fortunately, the idea of going green is an increasingly popular one. Many of my friends are involved in environmental work, and I mean physical work. They are out there at the front lines doing things like picking up trash on the beach, spending weekends cleaning up city parks, and planting trees in predominately concrete neighborhoods.

Going green is a statement that you care about our planet and future generations. It is horrible to see the pollution and hazards affecting our environment, but I have complete faith that between the law and the many devoted environmentalists, our planet will survive the harm we have caused it and will truly be green.

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