The Performance of Trial


PERFORMANCE. Performance is everything. In the legal world, if you cannot perform well, especially come trial time, you will not be successful. You must be able to persuade and the only way to do that is to prepare a performance. Trial is like theater in that you have to know your lines, but more than that, you must know the story. If you don’t know the story then your recitation of the lines won’t mean anything to the jury. It is always more convincing when you know what you’re talking about, and you believe in it.

We already know what everyone is going to say because of all of the discovery that goes on before trial. But preparing for the performance of trial is crucial because it is the performance that affects the jury and the ultimate outcome of the case. If you don’t prepare a good performance, no one will want to listen to you as no one will even care.

PhotoCredit: Joe Gratz

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