The Act of Interior Design


Interior design is a very competitive industry. Your performance is measured all the time and in many ways. Obvious is your style and the interiors you create. But this is subjective – some might like your style of design, others may feel it’s not really their taste.

Equally as important is your performance with others in your industry – Do you work well with architects? Do you work well with contractors? Did you service your clients well? Was the job completed on time and on budget? Word travels fast and if your performance in these areas is poor, people will hear about it.

On some level, I feel like I am performing this “act” of being an interior designer every day. In my world, I’m infusing style in ways more than just creating an interior for a client. Clients trust my opinion on art, restaurants, travel, fashion, everything. It’s important to walk the walk, to “perform” as an arbiter of style. The good thing is, I love it all. I welcome playing this role in my clients’ lives, so the performance comes naturally.

About The Author

I am an interior designer in California. I own a boutique interior design firm in 1999. We specialize in high end residential design - including full interior remodels, decoration, home automation, project management and art consulting.

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