The Grace of Direction


In the occasion of this week’s theme GRACE I will take the chance to write about the process of learning, and at some point hopefully mastering the art of doing ones job gracefully (if one wants to call it that way).

In my very own case this would first and foremost be the (unfortunately at the moment not always daily) routine of creating concepts, designing, and, to give another example, directing a photo shoot. All of this I have done for a respectable amount of time and therefore feel confident about and know my capabilities (well, for most of the time, that is).

It’s the more recent additions to the palette which require more of my attention, to hopefully soon be able to master all of them gracefully: networking, making new and maintaining existing contacts, meeting possible clients, acquiring jobs, presenting design proposals- all in all representing and being the face of a company.

Generally areas, some of which elementary, some challenging, I definitely don’t dislike or can’t do good in, but of course could always be refined to help for example successfully selling a design proposal to a client.

Nothing more is fun and at the same time awe-inspiring than to listen to a captivating, entertaining, and thoroughly convincing presentation, for example from the likes of Michael Bierut of Pentagram, New York, one of my all time favorite presenters (and designers)!

Photo Credit: mayonissen

About The Author

Matthias Ernstberger is co-founder and president of Timko&Klick, a New York based multidisciplinary art direction and graphic design firm. Before founding Timko&Klick in March 2009, Matthias spent 6 years as designer at Sagmeister Inc., New York, and 2 years as art director at the fashion branding boutique agency Lipman. Please feel to contact Matthias directly at

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