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Sure, you can Tweet and make Facebook posts about movies you’ve seen, liked, or didn’t like, but there are some social media movie sites that really encourage people to rate, dish and vent about their favorite or least favorite films. is the premier online source of information about movies and it does offer opportunities for one to rate and comment on films. But sites such as,, and are designed to really let your inner movie geek run wild.

As a Netflix member, I do enjoy the luxury of yanking a DVD out of the player and dumping it back into the mailbox as soon as I realize the film’s just not working for me. I like being able to rate the films I’ve seen from Netflix, but I’m still a bit dubious about a computer’s ability to know what films I’d “love.”

One site that I recently discovered is a thoroughly addictive time-waster called — the Sophie’s Choice of movie rating sites. You rate movies not on a one-to-five star system, but in hand-to-hand combat against each other.

Two movie posters pop up and you click on which film you liked best. You can indicate if you haven’t seen either or both of them, until two that you’ve seen are confronting you at which point you must – like Sophie – make a choice.

When one of my daughters was very young, she asked me, “Which do you like better, ‘Star Wars’ or cheese?” Some of the Flickchart choices are just as random.

I had to choose between “Gone With the Wind” vs. “Ice Age,” “Rear Window” vs. “Finding Nemo,” “Citizen Kane” vs. “Monsters Inc.,” “Alien” vs. “Brokeback Mountain” and “Wedding Crashers” vs. “King Kong.”
I eventually discovered that you can rate films within a specific genre, but even then, the choices are often agonizing – especially when you must choose between two films that you disliked equally, such as “Unbreakable” vs. “Get Smart” or “The English Patient” vs. “Babel.”

But the Flickchart experience does force you to confront some hard truths about your taste in movies, including some that you might not admit in polite company.

Among other epiphanies, I realized that I liked both “Meet the Parents” and “Austin Powers” more than “Schindler’s List;” I liked “Knocked Up” more than “A Beautiful Mind;” and I liked “Team America” more than most any other film.

I also discovered that for the life of me I can’t remember the difference between “Lethal Weapon 1, 2, 3 and 4” or any of the “Bourne” movies. I’m okay with the fact that I found both “The Great Ziegfeld” and “Lost Horizon” infinitely better than “Naked Boys Singing,” but I’m ashamed to admit that I still haven’t seen “Raging Bull.”
But “Hello Dolly” vs. “The Rocky Horror Picture Show?” How can I choose when I always get the two of them confused?

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