Social media equals green media


What do marketers, CFOs, activists and treehuggers have in common? They all love social media. It’s the killer app, the great playing field leveler in this crazy Web 2.0 world.

Cost-per-click marketing rocks the casbah. You get what you pay for. Who doesn’t love that? A successful Facebook campaign can make business. It’s easy to track your ROI and you don’t need an MBA to choose some keywords and set your budget. Oh, and you can target your message with pinpoint accuracy. Are you looking for male college students between 18 and 21 who like the NFL and live in North Carolina? There are 8,460 people who fit that description on Facebook right now. You don’t need a huge budget to reach them either. Clicks start at 50 cents.

And that’s the paid aspect of social media. A successful Twitter, MySpace or Facebook viral campaign can be all profit. We’ve heard the success stories again and again. It’s all about building your friend network, creating your brand voice and giving people information they want to share.

No paper, no mailing, no footprint. We’ll a little footprint, but a whole lot smaller footprint than the old print a brochure, buy a mailing list and send it USPS method. There’s no waste in social media. Your old message is simply replaced by your new message. If you make a mistake, there are no catalogs to destroy. It takes only human resources to fix. No pixels end up in landfills.

As YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and other social media have demonstrated time and again, the little guy and the big guy have a fairly equal chance of being the next social media zeitgeist. That’s a win-win for marketing, consumers and the planet.

About The Author

Sweet connects all the dots of Shannon’s life, combining her passion for the environment and human rights with her love of travel and women. Obsessed with finding a way to make the economics of doing good in the world work, Shannon strives to create a successful and green business run by happy employees for blissed-out guests. It’s her favorite kind of situation—a win-win-win. Recently, Shannon was named one of the “Advocate Magazine’s 40 under 40″, Go Mag‘s “Women We Love” and the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association‘s Travel Innovator of 2010. In her spare time, Shannon enjoys sleeping, hiking, building treasures from trash, chasing her little bear and burning brush. She lives in the Sierra Nevada foothills with her son, Theron aka little bear, and dog, Reggie.

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