Multiple Training Styles Out There… Select the Style Best for You


The incredible thing about social media is that there is suddenly an abundance of information out there for individuals to discover the latest trends in fitness, health and nutrition. The scary thing about social media is that this abundance can often lead individuals down paths NOT meant for their bodies or fitness programs.

With every Joe Smith out there writing on their top workout tips or diet advice, there ends up being a TON of conflicting information out there with most people wondering what is true, much less what is best for their needs. For my clients I always remind them that what is best for one person is DEFINITELY not always best for everyone.

I recommend for clients to read blogs and user content on the web with an open mind, realizing that most of this information is non-expert opinions. Then do your own homework by checking for references or sources for the information you find.

I also remind clients that just because an individual looks how you want to look definitely does not mean that their eating and workout habits are what you should be following. There are countless differences in each individual’s body that must be considered when making decisions about your health. For example: what is your body’s genetic history, did you play sports as a child, do you have structural imbalances from previous injuries, are you a fast or slow oxidizer. These are all big differences that can make a workout program or diet amazingly successful for one individual and a disaster for another.

I recommend doing your research into expert blogs on the subjects you are researching. Then these blogs will routinely recommend following other sources for information and slowly your list of trustworthy reference sites will expand to meet your needs and answer your questions.

About The Author

Having grown up in North Carolina, I have lived in San Francisco for 16 years now. I began personal training in 1999 and my partner Mike Clausen and I opened DIAKADI Personal Training and Wellness Center in 2004 in the SOMA district of San Francisco. We currently have over 70 of the TOP personal trainers in San Francisco working with us as well as an in-house sports med doctor and physical therapist, a registered dietitian, an organic personal chef service, corrective massage therapists, and yoga/Pilates instructors. DIAKADI has become San Francisco's leading one stop shop for all of our client's wellness needs.

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