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For the longest time, I think up until fall of last year, I was more of a passive user, rather then an active partaker in the world of social media. The vast growth throughout the field of online networking (if one might say so) over the last couple of years created some remarkably useful tools for me and my colleagues.

Besides of the mandatory visit to my favorite blogs over coffee and muffin every morning (and throughout the day), I comb through sites like Ffffound, Flickr, YouTube, etc., etc. to research for projects, for inspiration, or plain entertainment. Looking for a real, unstaged image of, let’s say shoppers browsing through a street, for example, just type the key words into the Flickr search field and you’ll get hundreds of results. Not all of which of course might fit the bill exactly, but is most of the time right on and usable for a mood board, or even a place holder or example for a photographic language of a project in a presentation.

It was only end of last year that I set up my very first own Facebook page! I don’t know what took me so long to do so, because since the moment I have the account I do not want to miss it ever again! Still, I am not a huge contributor to my wall, yet I really enjoy reading about activities of my friends, love the fact that I can stay in touch with all my former peers and colleagues back in Germany easily, do comment on contributions of my friends left and right, and even post a little something on my site here and there. Can’t wait to get my iPad to do all that on the couch, in bed, or in the park!

About The Author

Matthias Ernstberger is co-founder and president of Timko&Klick, a New York based multidisciplinary art direction and graphic design firm. Before founding Timko&Klick in March 2009, Matthias spent 6 years as designer at Sagmeister Inc., New York, and 2 years as art director at the fashion branding boutique agency Lipman. Please feel to contact Matthias directly at

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