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I find that clients tend to get lost focusing on small details of their goals without taking time to step back and look at the big picture. A perfect example of this is the physical goals that I see clients set for themselves such as “I want bigger biceps.” “I want a smaller waistline.” “I want to look younger.”

What I try to show clients is that by simply changing their lifestyle and their focusto one of health and activity,then all of their physical goals will naturally follow.

Makechanges to your outlook…

Working out is NOT a chore, it is a TREAT. A luxury, where you havetaken the timeto shut out distractions and focus on yourself, your body and your health. WORKING OUT LEADS TO A LEANER BODY ANDWITH THE RIGHT PROGRAM, YOU WILL SEE BIGGER BICEPS.

Eating good food is NOT a curse or discipline, it is a PRIVILEGE. Eliminate the processed foods, the fake foods, the powders, the sugars. Return to the foods that our bodies know how to digest. And on top of that, look at cooking as another section of time where you have chosen to take care of yourself. Look at cooking as a relaxing, creativetime to try new things and recipes, instead of a rushed time to microwave a frozen dinner. Your view of food and what it does for your body will begin to change in a drastic way. EATING HEALTHY FOOD WILL DEFINITLEY LEAD TO A SMALLER WAISTLINE.

Getting 8 hours of sleep a night is NOT boring, it is incrediblySMART and valuable for your body. By taking the time to slow down before bed, again you are going to quiet the frenzy of crazy voices in your head from TV, work stress, life drama. Take 2 hours before bed each night to shut off your electronics and read something. Or take a nice walk outside. Or even just sit in a quiet room with some relaxing music and stretch. You won’t miss out on anything and you will gain a valuable downgrade in your stress level. REST IS PROBABLY THE NUMBER ONE FACTOR IN KEEPING YOUR BODY HEALTHY AND YOUNGER LOOKING.

Take a day to really step out of your life and look at your goals and where you want to head. Then look at that BIG picture in making decisions to start leading the active healthy lifestyle.

About The Author

Having grown up in North Carolina, I have lived in San Francisco for 16 years now. I began personal training in 1999 and my partner Mike Clausen and I opened DIAKADI Personal Training and Wellness Center in 2004 in the SOMA district of San Francisco. We currently have over 70 of the TOP personal trainers in San Francisco working with us as well as an in-house sports med doctor and physical therapist, a registered dietitian, an organic personal chef service, corrective massage therapists, and yoga/Pilates instructors. DIAKADI has become San Francisco's leading one stop shop for all of our client's wellness needs.

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