Losing It!


This weeks subject matter “Renewal” turned out to be the perfect theme for this past weekend.

Scrambling until late Wednesday night last week to finish up what needed to be done, and to prepare what needed to be taken care of in my absence, I laid down for a few hours to get up again at four AM in the morning, starting my long weekend with a cab ride to JFK. A very dear friend of mine was about to be getting married on St. Barth, the little gem in the Carribbean, part of the French West Indies, and I was for sure not going to miss this opportunity to get out of my hamster wheel New York City. Having been working nearly through every weekend since beginning of the year, I felt my energy, and more importantly, my creativity diminishing week by week. It was about time to step out of the never ending Mobius band of work and take the time off needed to renew and regain my creativity (though a weekend unfortunately is not enough, these short and sweet interruptions of the daily routine help to bridge energy and creativity until the next long vacation).

My ultimate goal though is to follow the example of Stefan Sagmeister, who goes on a year long sabbatical every seventh year of his career as an art director, to exclusively work on self initiated projects to boost his passion for design, which unavoidably gets ground in the mill of daily commercial work. Stefan just spent 2009 in Bali, Indonesia, to do so. Well, you have to do what you have to do!

About The Author

Matthias Ernstberger is co-founder and president of Timko&Klick, a New York based multidisciplinary art direction and graphic design firm. Before founding Timko&Klick in March 2009, Matthias spent 6 years as designer at Sagmeister Inc., New York, and 2 years as art director at the fashion branding boutique agency Lipman. Please feel to contact Matthias directly at Matthias@Timkoandklick.com

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