The Art of Renewal


When I first opened Silverman Gallery I was doing my MA in Curatorial Practice and I remember the anticipation for the next break whether it be Christmas, Thanksgiving or a holiday that would yield an extra day off. I realized how important these days off were for me to not only renew my energy but to process all of the information I had previously taken in during the busy week or month. Thankfully learning how to balance both work, a surplus of information and duties during my MA has created a fairly stable outlook on how to balance work, personal life and the time in between for absolute nothingness.

While it is true that I do need to continue to renew my energy and brain space there are also many other aspects of my world that require renewal on monthly or even weekly basis. For instance, when an artist has an exhibition elsewhere or a story written then we have to make sure that we update his/her resume and then re-upload that to the website. When an artist makes new work we have to add it to our database offline and also online which requires image sizing, making sure it is part of the intended section on the artists page and that it is correctly cited. Other items in my world that need renewing include an updated inventory of my storage unit, artist packages that we send out to include the most up to date information, exhibitions in the gallery every 5 –6 weeks and much more.

Renewal of myself and the needs of the gallery are what make for a successful relationship to work and provide a platform that allows me to be present and productive for my artists and clients.

About The Author

Jessica Silverman is the owner and director of Silverman Gallery, which was founded in 2006. Gallery is located at 804 Sutter Street in Downtown San Francisco and represents emerging and established San Francisco and International artists. The artist’s and exhibition programs have garnered national press and recognition.

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