After all that hard work: Success


A lot of my celebrity clients/friends think that literally overnight my company became successful. This misconception couldn’t be farther from the truth. I can’t count the number of nights I’ve slept at the office because I would only get 20 minutes of sleep if I were to drive home and back. I recall times when my hours worked were over 80 per week, but my income was $0. I can’t remember what I ate last night, but I can remember everyone that helped my company become what it is – because that’s more important to me.

Being an entrepreneur is the biggest thing I’ve done in my life. I’ve had to learn every aspect of business and perform every job and every role along the way to get to where I am. Whenever my celebrity clients say that I’ve had it easy, I just look at them and ask if they remember their first acting job was. Maybe they remember being a background dancer, or an extra, or maybe they landed a commercial; but my successful celebrity clients say that their first gig was everything. The successful ones weren’t just an extra or background dancer – they booked their own gig, negotiated their own contracts, and followed up for their own credits. The successful actors were just like I was – a multitasking entrepreneur who never gave up and never accepted no for an answer.

About The Author

Likened to Fashion Icon Tom Ford for beauty by W magazine, Scott-Vincent Borba is the Founder and Celebrity Esthetician of the Los Angeles based luxury skin care company, BORBA. He created the first drinkable skin supplement, and uses his bio-chemistry and esthetician background to continue creating first-of-their-kind nuraceutical and cosmeceutical products. Find out more about Scott-Vincent Borba at .

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