Summer Travel Basics


Round about now by Memorial Day, most lesbian and gay travelers worth their salt have a pretty good handle on where they are heading on vacation this summer.

Thoughts turn to domestic gay resorts such as Fire Island, Provincetown,Rehoboth, Saugatuck, and Russian River; gay-popular U.S. getaways like Cape May and Asbury Park, NJ, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.; and for the heat-loving homo Ft. Lauderdale and Key West, Flor., and some even prefer the oven-like gay hangout Palm Springs, Calif.

That’s just a smattering of the resorts popular with gay women in men in the United States. Abroad there’s a slew of options even savvy queer travelers may never have heard of. Espiguette in France, Versilia in Italy, and many more.

As a frequent traveler myself, I am of two minds when it comes to summer travel. I need to experience the beach as much as possible. I try to get to Fire Island at least once or twice a summer, though I prefer staying in Cherry Grove, the less ‘scene-y’ of the two principle gay resorts on the island. The other — the Pines — is gorgeous and almost other worldly with its absence of cars, raised wooden walkways, partially hidden mini-mansions, and cute but dangerously flea-ridden deers nonchalantly chomping their way through the island’s lush vegetation. It’s just a tad too “A list” gay for my dyed-in-the-wool democratic tastes.

Living in the sauna that New York becomes in the summer, I also plan at least one trip to a cooler destination. This July, I’m heading to Buenos Aires, Argentina, for a gay travel conference, and Santiago Chile. That’s cooler, you ask? Yes!It’s their winter and the weather can be delightfully rainy and cool.

My real love — and the place I’d spend the entire summer if possible — is Provincetown, Mass. It pretty much has everything the modern urban(e) gay woman or man needs:Other modern urban(e) gay women and men (in droves); fabulous scenery and beaches; gorgeous, cozy guesthouses; top-notch entertainment; kick-ass bars and clubs; and the most delightful daily schedule kicked off by Tea from 4 to 7 (sharp), after-T, dinner, bars, clubs by 10PM.

Nightlife shuts down at 1AM to the chagrin of jaded party queers but the action moves to Spiritus Pizza, where on a crowded summer weekend 100s of tipsy gay revelers cruise one another and nosh on pretty decent pizza. Check out their webcam here before you head over.

Score or go home solo but you’re usually in bed fairly early. And up at a decent hour. This isn’t Ibiza where you may actually miss the sun entirely. This is Provincetown, home to a virtously healthy cycle. Perfect for a rejuvenating vacation from your busy urban life.

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