Architecture = Hope


What would be our profession without hope?

Architecture may just be one of the most hopeful professions there is since what we are doing is designing living environments for the future and for generations to come. Without hope, vision and anticipation there is nothing that will make us work (especially with the financial limitations that our profession is faced with).

Two years ago we were asked by the history channel to design the city of the future – 100 years from the present day. Our design was based on the idea of taking clues from the progress made in science today and fast-forward it 100 years from now. For example:In 2004, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) joined forces with the University of Tennessee and the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory to isolate a set of spinach proteins that produce energy when exposed to light. When hit with light from a laser, the chip made of these proteins produces a tiny stream of electrical current – not nearly enough to be useful (today!), but powerful enough to prove that the idea works. Additionally, in 2006 when the DNA sequence of the Black Cottonwood plant was published by the Joint Genome Institute, an incredible opportunity presented itself – turning plants whose DNA has been manipulated into energy producers for our architectural infrastructure… the creation of literal POWERPLANTS!

About The Author

Matthias Hollwich is principal of HOLLWICHKUSHNER, LLC, a New York City based architecture and concept design firm. He is also co-founder of ARCHITIZER, a social networking platform connecting architects via their designs. Matthias is driven by the aim to upgrade man-made environments on a human and engaging scale with an ECONIC twist and can be best reached at (

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