“Food for Thought” This Summer…


Most art galleries close their doors for the summer months. However, Silverman Gallery has never done such a thing and will continue its tradition of staying open straight through the summer months of July and August. For the past two years we hosted events like MINI MARKET and THE SHOP, curated exhibition/ pop up shop’s featuring artist editions, prints and other ephemera. This summer we will host an exhibition curated by Sabrina Buell, West Coast Director of Matthew Marks Gallery. The exhibition is called “Food for thought” and each work in the exhibition deals with either the consumption of food, using the female body as a thing to be eaten and consumed or how food can often be an elevated object imbued with deeper meaning. Our current artist list is: Dr. Lakra, Edward Ruscha, Fiscli/Weiss, R. Crumb, Leidy Churchman, Joseph Beuys, Jen Sussman, Nobuyoshi Araki, Nayland Blake and Corin Hewitt.

For me, summer is a time to capitalize on the quietness. So many art aficionados are in Europe seeing exhibitions or simply on vacation. With very few galleries open during the summer hours, Silverman Gallery stays open to continue to create conversations about art within and outside of SF. It is a great time for us to receive important press as well since we are one of the few galleries open to the public through August. Every summer we do a collaborative project. In the past years these have included a pop-up shop, artist run project and this year we invited an outside curator.

“Food for thought” will not only exhibit works that include melting mint chip ice cream, a video of cats lapping milk and photographs of food but it will also bring forth a new audience and thus create excitement for the galleries next collaboration.

About The Author

Jessica Silverman is the owner and director of Silverman Gallery, which was founded in 2006. Gallery is located at 804 Sutter Street in Downtown San Francisco and represents emerging and established San Francisco and International artists. The artist’s and exhibition programs have garnered national press and recognition.

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