Pour Your Personality


What should you be drinking this summer? Take this little quiz and match the best wine to your personality.

1) This summer, you are reading:
a. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
b. Eat. Pray. Love
c. A guidebook for my next trip destination
d. The New Yorker
e. An Obama biography

2) My dream vacation is:
a. South Beach, Miami
b. Maui’s North Shore
c. Pebble Beach golf trip
d. Martha’s Vineyard with the family
e. An African safari

3) Your “must-see” movie this summer is:
a. Sex and the City 2
b. An indie feature film
c. Movies in the summer? I’m outside!
d. Summer movie in the park
e. Prince of Persia

4) Your typical vacation attire is:
a. Ed Hardy swimsuit and Versace sandals
b. Boho beach wear
c. Ralph Lauren resort wear
d. Whatever is comfortable
e. A Hawaiian shirt

5) You can’t leave home without:
a. An iPod, iPad and iPhone
b. A reusable water bottle
c. The New York Times crossword puzzle
d. Sunblock
e. A Nikon D5000 DX-Format Digital SLR Camera

6) In the car, you listen to:
a. Lady Gaga
b. Bob Marley
c. Sade
d. NPR
e. It doesn’t matter as long as the window is down and I’m sharing it with the world

Tabulate your answers to find out which letter (a through e) you selected the most frequently.

a) If you picked the letter a the most, your are like a refreshing glass of Champagne! You are bubbly, love the glamorous life and always appreciate a little bit of flash in life! You can always spot a trend, and you’ve started a few yourself.

b) If you picked the letter b the most, your personality is similar to that of a Reisling. You have a bohemian sensibility about you. Those around you appreciate your down-to-earth demeanor and approach to life. You are in tune with the earth and nature, and always keep your cool.

c) If you picked the letter c the most, consider yourself Chardonnay’s soul mate. You revel in beauty and tranquility and you find a glass of wine with lunch to be oh-so-civilized. You are known to be a planner and to keep all matters organized and orderly.

d) If you picked letter d the most, Pinot Noir has met its match. You require a high degree of intellectual stimulation. Flashiness does not impress you; substance does. You are practical, steadfast and logical, and you always enjoy engaging in a great debate over current affairs.

e) If you picked the letter e the most, friends might have to start calling you Cabernet. Big and bold is the name of your game. You live life to the fullest. Carpe Diem might even be your motto in life.

About The Author

Emily Wines is a Master Sommelier and the wine director for Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants. You can reach Emily at emily.wines@kimptonhotels.com

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