Of the seven deadly sins, pride is the deadliest, and as a devout Catholic, I take this very seriously. It took me years to realize the difference in the modern definition of pride versus the Biblical definition. I stand behind everything I do, and I trust that my words and my work are as truthful as can be. This sense of responsibility, to me, is pride.

I can happily say that I am proud of my company and the work we do. As CEO of BORBA, I take full responsibility for every action that we take. It is my job as the Chief to make sure that how we do things goes above and beyond normal expectations and this makes me proud. When I see others that stand behind their word and their work, I recognize that they too have pride in themselves. They have the pride that they can deliver more than that which is expected from them.

The ability to show pride is inspiring to me. It shows that we still have the ethics, morals, and scruples as when the Bible was written. When I tell someone, “I’m proud of you,” it’s the biggest compliment I can give them.

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Likened to Fashion Icon Tom Ford for beauty by W magazine, Scott-Vincent Borba is the Founder and Celebrity Esthetician of the Los Angeles based luxury skin care company, BORBA. He created the first drinkable skin supplement, and uses his bio-chemistry and esthetician background to continue creating first-of-their-kind nuraceutical and cosmeceutical products. Find out more about Scott-Vincent Borba at .

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