Making Daily Choices in Your Health/Wellness that Keep You Proud


In this month of Gay Pride, I would like to recommend taking a step back at your own life, health and wellness and ask yourself ‘Am I proud of the decisions I have made on how I take care of my body, my soul and my health?’.

Think through some of the following questions:

– Are you proud of the decisions you make each day about the food you eat? Every single bite we put in our mouth ends up as part of the individual cells that make up our organs, muscles, bones and bodies. Keep this in mind as you make decision on what types of foods to eat, where your food comes from, how it is prepared, and how easily your body will recognize the minerals and vitamins located in the food.

– When you look at your free time, are you proud of the way you choose to spend you free time? When someone asks you what you did last weekend, do you feel like you have to screen part of your activities? If you are not proud of the activities you choose to participate in, there may be some deeper feelings about your life that you need to look closely into. Make decisions about your life that make you proud to share with others. Come in to work on Monday excited to tell your co-workers about the healthy and active weekend you shared with friends.

– Is your work-life one that makes you proud to go to work every day? Do you have a well-balanced lifestyle where you have enough time away from work that you arrive rested and rejuvenated at work every day, ready to do your best and not dreading every minute of the day? Most of us spend a HUGE part of our lives at work, so if you are not proud and excited by your work-life, I highly recommend taking a good look into making changes that make work an enjoyable and rewarding experience for you every day.

– Are you proud of the amount of time you spend each week on taking care of your body physically? Do you have a good balance between breaking down your body (working out, work, stress) and rebuilding your body (meditation, relaxation work, yoga, quiet walks)? Most of us think we must kill ourselves at the gym after work every day in order to be ‘proud’ of our physical activity, but I recommend brains over brawn when it comes to your workout program. Do your research and you will see that rest and recovery is JUST as important (and often MORE important) than constantly beating your body down. Take the time to find a well educated trainer to help design an efficient workout program for you that moves you towards your goals instead of simply breaking your body down day after day.

– Are you proud of the way you look physically? In no way do I believe that there a certain physical appearance for which we all need to strive. But I do believe that each and every one of us should be proud of the way we look and if we are not proud of our physical health and appearance that we should dig deep inside to look at why we are unhappy with our appearance and work towards finding happiness with ourselves. Sometimes this may mean changing our diet, our activity or even our lifestyle. Be open to these ideas as you head on this journey.

So take the month of June to find pride in your life and wellness! Decisions that will change you for a lifetime of good health ahead.

About The Author

Having grown up in North Carolina, I have lived in San Francisco for 16 years now. I began personal training in 1999 and my partner Mike Clausen and I opened DIAKADI Personal Training and Wellness Center in 2004 in the SOMA district of San Francisco. We currently have over 70 of the TOP personal trainers in San Francisco working with us as well as an in-house sports med doctor and physical therapist, a registered dietitian, an organic personal chef service, corrective massage therapists, and yoga/Pilates instructors. DIAKADI has become San Francisco's leading one stop shop for all of our client's wellness needs.

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