Why I Do What I Do


I do what I do because I love it. When I created my first company “Liquid Love Cosmetics,” we made the first lip-gloss ice cubes, rings, necklaces in fun fur pouches, etc. It was so radical, and so much fun to make.

When I sold my first production batch to Fred Segal and then when out to grab a cocktail with some friends that same weekend, I was sitting next to a girl that bought one of my products and was raving about how innovative, cool and charming it was. I can’t tell you how incredible that made me feel!It was instant validation for my idea, hard work and risk taking ability!

I was hooked; I loved making people look and feel gorgeous! When you are able to impact people’s lives positively, make them see themselves in a positive light, for me, that’s what gets me out of bed in the morning. I love innovating. I love when someone tells me “NO” because that person just fueled my fire to make it happen. I love when a bar is set, then building a tower in front of it to overshadow it.

Find what you love. Figure out how you can make a living by doing it and then put a plan in place to make it come to reality. Let me challenge you now to do just that!

About The Author

Likened to Fashion Icon Tom Ford for beauty by W magazine, Scott-Vincent Borba is the Founder and Celebrity Esthetician of the Los Angeles based luxury skin care company, BORBA. He created the first drinkable skin supplement, and uses his bio-chemistry and esthetician background to continue creating first-of-their-kind nuraceutical and cosmeceutical products. Find out more about Scott-Vincent Borba at www.borba.com .

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