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Iwant to confess. I don’t monitor my calls. I’m too curious and hopeful it will be someone with an outrageous idea, a new thing, an offering – not of help but of needing mine. A call to action.

My day begins with a lack. I’m stranded. So when the phone rings… I’m there. I’m ahead of there.

The day issues its requirements: Create a world. Populate the landscape. Imagine what you can’t do without. Build a conduit. Construe shelters and color. Locate the others. Deliver language. Name the parts. Call it into being. Live there.

That’s the theatre of making something happen anywhere or any way that yields itself to possibility. Or even, and maybe most desirably, putting down your artful stakes in a place that seems too burdened with obstacles, too evasive, too unlikely to produce success and where it will surely require more than your own insufficient powers to pull it off.

That’s where I want to be.

And where I now find myself. Making something. In the company of others. Making it together. It’s the model for civilization, really. Co-operate or die.

What we’re doing has a name. Even though to pronounce it is to give it a completely modern context, when really it is ancient.

Web series. Webseries. (There is no consensus yet) It meets my day’s requirements. It demands the same things of me as any important work. It invites all of us whose parts make up the whole to bring our best efforts to bear. To be generous. To participate fully.

In this new format, this new way of delivering artful things, formal departures, comedy, drama, soliloquy, dance, visual constructions – the audience is a major participant. We call them fans. We call them viewers. We count, and we count on, their numbers. We exchange commentary, opinion, jokes, promises. They are involved. They keep us going. It’s communal.

And it resonates for me with another personal experience. My one-person play, which I wrote and performed hundreds of time. But, I never did it alone. It was a collaboration with the audience, who joined me every night to imbue what I brought to them with all that they gave to me. They were collectively another character in my play.

There is nothing sweeter or more necessary than to connect – with your own vision, with the people who help bring it into existence, and with those cherished ones who receive it.

——–Special Note————-“¨

Anyone But Me is hosting a Web-a-thon July 27th through 29th online. Hosted by entertainment reporter Lisa Bernhard, the Thon will feature brand new videos like “The Women of ABM”, and an “ABM Walking Tour,” as well as dishy revealing interviews with the actors, and a hilarious cast competition.

Once it airs, you can make a donation on, or, if you like the thrill of a bidding war, there’s an Ebay Auction – which you can also link to on our website – with cool items like:

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ABM will also donate a portion of all proceeds to The Ali Forney Center, the largest agency dedicated to providing housing and services to homeless LGBT youth in NYC.

Watch the Web-a-thon on our website: Ҭ(It will also air on; YouTube;;

Air Dates: July 27-29. Beginning at 4PM ET. Once a segment goes live, it will remain available for viewing at all times.

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