Caring for yourself


There was a point when I literally worked from the time I woke up until I crashed early the next morning. I would literally get 3 hours of sleep a night and work as hard as I could until my body gave out. Entrepreneurs know how hard everything is when the company is starting up, and every entrepreneur I meet can relate. The only thing is, I didn’t stop this routine when my company grew…

I was used to the routine after the 4th year of starting my company and my body was on autopilot. Those who know me understand that I love to help others, even at my own sacrifice. I don’t let my team go on the road to treat BORBA fans; I go myself. Treating fans and changing people’s lives isn’t a set 9 to 5, it’s a non-stop job that doesn’t allow time for sleep. People always asked me why I hired a team if I just ended up doing the work myself and I laughed it off.

That is, until my father passed away.

My father’s passing made me look at things a little differently. I realized that my work ethic, which I got from him, was great for my business, but not my health. I realized that sleep and food are two things that everyone, including the strongest man ever I knew, my father, need. I ended up realizing that no matter what you do and how dedicated you are to others, you have to first watch over yourself. After all, who’s going to help those you love if you aren’t there to do it yourself?

About The Author

Likened to Fashion Icon Tom Ford for beauty by W magazine, Scott-Vincent Borba is the Founder and Celebrity Esthetician of the Los Angeles based luxury skin care company, BORBA. He created the first drinkable skin supplement, and uses his bio-chemistry and esthetician background to continue creating first-of-their-kind nuraceutical and cosmeceutical products. Find out more about Scott-Vincent Borba at .

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