Eustachian Enthusiast


I heard there was a secret chord. But you don’t really care for music, do you?

Have a bit of faith. Don’t decide which sense to use yet. Listen…

I went to church this morning. Walking up the sprawling limestone steps front and center, I can see the sun catching the sculpted curves in the granite columns just right. Shadows draw the columns closed like a vertical blind as the minutes pass by. Beyond this first wall of architectural Greek sentries, stand the heavy, ornate, gilded doors opening and closing with each hand that grasps it sternly to either pull it to enter, or push it to exit. The quiet and serenity on this side of the door is being constantly disturbed by the echoes, buzz and reverberations inside.

I like it on this side of the door. The calm and glistening lakefront to the left, and the soaring steel and glass skyline to the right. I do not want to go in any longer. I can learn about natural history, dinosaurs and kindergarten field-trips another day. The music I like is outside on this day.

I went to church this afternoon. Walking towards sun-baked sand simmering in the humidity. Hesitant, dusty breezes whirl lazily at my back as the speeding traffic hums further into the distance. The long and hot, concrete pier soon nears as the air grows heavier and the sun’s glare beats more intensely. I am at the waterfront. My blood is very warm and my shoulders hot, but the water is cool and splashes to my knees, inviting me away from steady land.

I like it on the other side of this shoreline. Floating… sailing… basking… calling. The jet-fighters above, long gone half a mile over the water, when the broken sound-barrier pounded through my body. The distant cheering crowds. The show has begun on this sweltering, perfect summer day. The music I like is on this surface on this day.

I am going to church tonight. I’ve had my fill of sight and sound. I will implore a constant stream of new discoveries, so that each one can ease the last, comfortably and deliberately, into memory. I want new sound; sights… new forms; new smells, and new tastes. But what I need is balance now – I need touch.

I like it on both sides of this sense. I also like my temperature changed. But there is no rhythm without momentum; no threshold without pressure. We know how we can all touch, but no one can tell us how it feels. We look at the same sights, and see something different. We have the math. We have the science. We have the secret chords. Take them with you and throw all the love and all the hate you possibly can at them, and do it without indifference. Start making a small sound… passionately.

Your noise is not what I need. But I do want your music.

About The Author

I made a choice to enter the real estate field early while considering pursuing a career either as an architect, psychologist, musician or an active duty U.S. Marine. Starting as a full time Realtor and a top agent in my first office, I quickly realized I had to expand my knowledge and education into the commercial market to better serve both my clients and customers. Experience through a varied background in many aspects of the business is what I have earned since 1987, including studying abroad for partner market investments, active memberships with National Real Estate Associations, local Equal Housing committees, and neighborhood Chambers of Commerce. Continuing education has proven to me that the industry is ever changing, and we all must meet the needs and demands of our previous and future clients and customers on local, national, and international scopes. Being proud and very grateful to have worked with the most successful and professional companies in Chicago such as Prudential, Coldwell Banker, and Rubloff only re-affirmed that the most important professional relationship in my industry is, and will continue to be directly between each Realtor and each individual client and customer. The real estate industry has changed and evolved dramatically, at the fastest pace ever in only these past few tumultuous years. Today, again I have made a choice to position myself to best use the myriad of resources available to me, to first and foremost, benefit my clients' needs above any franchise or companies' business strategy. I have been presented many Real Estate awards throughout my career. But one that I hold in high regard is a professional QSC designation with an almost 100% rating for referral, satisfied, and repeat clients. My work and reputation within the Real Estate community, business referral partners and fellow Realtor colleagues is also an indelible part of my business practice. As a Chicago Bucktown / Wicker Park resident and property owner, I greatly appreciate being able to invest personally in this market and donate a small portion from each of my closing commissions to the Chicago Mercy Home for Boys and Girls organization assisting abused and homeless children. I have always sustained and invested in my real estate career, and will continue as long as I am able to be productive, make a positive difference and truly enjoy it. It is important to me that my clients, customers and collegues enjoy it as well!

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