Queer Cinema: Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival


By Emma Smart

I love queer cinema, it’s a passion of mine. I’ve studied it, written about, lectured about it. I travel far and wide to see the best in new queer cinema, partly for pleasure, and partly to get ideas for programming the LGBT film festival I work on in London, UK. My favorite festival in the world (apart from my own of course!) is the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, and I’m thrilled to be back here as it celebrates its 15th year!

There is something very intimate about coming to the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. It’s such a welcoming and friendly place, the staff and volunteers are always happy to help out. The fellow festival visitors are eager to chat as we wait in line, making recommendations, comparing thoughts on what we’ve already seen, and even telling sharing where the best place to buy coffee in Seattle is! I know from my own experience working how hard the programming and festival team work behind the scenes, but you don’t get a hint of exhaustion from them as they bound up on stage. With joy, they introduce films, host Q and A’s with the filmmakers, and mingle at the many receptions and parties.

This year’s program of films and events looks like the best line-up yet! I’m particularly looking forward to seeing Bloomington, which I’ve had my eye on for awhile in a professional capacity. I am also excited to see A Marine Story, I love a woman in uniform! I can’t wait for opening night. It is so much fun, and always a real party atmosphere! I’ll also be catching the Girls Shorts and the Wide World of Women. Oh, and let’s not forget, the parties and receptions. I’ll definitely be at a few of those!

If you spot an out-of-towner with a British accent waiting in line at the Egyptian or at the bar in the Unicorn, why not say hello? And remind me, where the best place to get a cup of coffee in Seattle is.

Have a great festival!

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