Purple Style Tips From “The Image Guru”


By Montgomery Frazier for dot429

In today’s remembrance of the gay students who were driven to suicide because of the “shockingly lethal harassment” they received from their tormenters, the “color purple” will commemorate a day of mourning fortheir untimely and tragic deaths.

Ladies & Gentlemen, in today’s fashion world and historically speaking, the color purple is a sign of regality, so wear your purple with PRIDE and not with a sense of shame or self-imposed fear. The old rules do not apply in this case!

I, myself, in solidarity, attended a rather conservative discussion group and dinner at The Cornell Club last night with a panel of credible and rather notable financial commentators, authors, analysts and experts from the New York Times, MSNBC, and CNN about Wall Street. They focused on why we, as individual investors, should still care about investing in it (which in itself was a bit hard to digest). I built a stylishly classical ensemble around a beautiful Asprey purple V-neck cashmere sweater, pairing it with a bourdeaux silk Moschino patterned tie and plum (also in the purple family) Sean Jean mini pinstriped shirt. Over that, I wore a lovely, crisp mocha chocolate waxed cotton blazer, by that new lesser priced diffusion line, +J, by Jill Sander, and slim pants by John Varvatos.

So you see, the point is that you can wear purple, somehow blend into the most ultra-Right Wing establishmentary-ist setting, but still display your commemoration.

Here are 9 other ways to wear purple:


1. Purple alligator wallets (available at Dunhill, Asprey), so chic and fashionable now, exude a tremendous sense of confidence and wealth.

2. Purple shirts in a multitude of pinstripes and shades of purple with crisp white collars, can be found at Tom Ford and other impeccable menswear designers.

3. Purple luggage by T. Anthony, which looks surprisingly masculine.

4. Purple shirt cuffs.

5. Racier–but nonetheless wiser–purple trimmed underwear by 2(X)ist.

6. The obvious and most conservative of them all are purple pocket squares, or any pocket squares trimmed in purple or in a gamut of purples and patterns.

7. Now for the more savvy, fashion-conscious bon vivant who has a tremendous sense of flair: purple neck cravats and neck scarves.

8. Business card cases or passport cases in purple can look oh-so-regal and very VIP.

9. Last, but certainly not least, shoes in mauve to purple hues from Hermes, John Lobb and other such sartorial mens shoe makers.


Women (who have it easy in this case)

1. Dresses and gowns (perfect for the fete season)

2. Shoes

3. Handbags

4. Scarves

5. Silky under garments

6. Hats

7. Jewelry

8. Umbrellas and parasols

9. Eyeshadow and makeup in general

10.Sun glasses and eye glasses of all styles


Come on ladies, this is a no-brainer! Although purple was made for women, men can look just as fetching in it and not be walking targets of “hate” criminals, who in my book are those people who force the gentile (oftentimes gay individuals) to commit suicide by constant goading and harassment. With death as a tragic and barbaric outcome, haters should not be tolerated in our American society of “Freedom for All!”

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