The Revival of the “Salon”


I opened my gallery, Nieto Fine Art, in June 2010. My co-owner, John Nieto, and I wanted to bring diversity and a dynamic energy to the art world in San Francisco. This came to fruition with the opening of a 3,200 square foot space located at 565 Sutter Street. In addition to a compelling lineup of established painters with collections worldwide, Nieto Fine Art features local Bay Area artists.

We seek unique talent and curate shows that allow viewers, visitors and collectors to gain inspiration from the talent we celebrate. Our program is unique. We sponsor musicians, filmmakers, performers and dancers. Our concept is to invite people back to the traditional “salon” theory of Berlin, Paris and New York. We do this by creating a calendar of events that invigorates the arts within our own community while continuing to maintain influence within the global market.

We opened Nieto Fine Art during a period when galleries across the globe were shutting down. After closing my gallery in New York, I moved to San Francisco with a mission to visit as many galleries as possible and set up meetings with the directors and owners. During my meetings, I discussed ways we could work together to promote and encourage awareness within our own community. My goal was to collaborate with other art ventures, while still maintaining the individuality of my own gallery. My ideas were met with enthusiasm. Ҭ
Our business philosophy at Nieto Fine Art is to create a programӬexposing new and returning customers to art in all its forms. In this environment, collectors are less impulsive and more considerate when purchasing artwork. As a curator and director, my passion stems from sharing undiscovered talent with my customers. Despite the tough economic times, Nieto Fine Art has had a successful opening season.

Two of the established artists we showcase are John Nieto and John Asaro. Nieto, one of America’s most dynamic contemporary artists, concentrates on themes that transcend representation. The bold imagery of his style is the essence of his art. Each piece aims to evoke a reaction or response from the audience. Asaro’s paintings are an anomaly. His canvases, like zealous missionaries, speak clearly and colorfully of life. His work is expressionistic and concise, pragmatic and technically adventurous.

Our current exhibition, “States of Kinesis,” includes the work of local contemporary artist, Fernando Reyes. His figurative pieces explore how our body movements tell stories through conscious and unconscious signals that range from sensual and sexual to alluring and provocative.

The Bay Area is already artistically diverse. San Francisco’s art scene is one of the world’s best. Our mission is to add to this dynamic canvas by making Nieto Fine Art the “salon” of the city.

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