No Place Like Home


I travel constantly the world over, and, of course, I love it. But to borrow from Dorothy, Imust admit there’s no place like home.

I grew up in the Boston suburb of Medford, childhood home of the current mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg. After graduating from college Imoved to Paris. Later, I moved to Los Angeles for my job then to New York, also for a job, where I remain to this day.

Throughout that time I’ve visited nearly every continent (Antarctica, I’m coming for you!), but at least three or four times a year, Ireturn to Boston. I usually stay with dear friends, a happily (all but) married gay couple together for over a dozen years, who occupy a lovely apartment (view is shown above).

From their place, conveniently located on Boston’s efficient MBTA Orange Line, I subway to Medford to see my parents. My two sisters live in the area and my three brothers fly in during holidays with their spouses and children. We have enough family members to field two football teams and a team of cooks to prepare our feast. Many other friends from college and my prior employers come to meet me in Boston or Cambridge, where some of us went to school.

I’d have to say this is what I’m most grateful for:The long-term, ever-deepening, continuously surprising and evolving friendships I have with my family and friends. This deep and mutually enriching sense of connection I have with them has translated into my ability to quickly connect on a meaningful level with people Imeet in the course of my travels. This, in turn, informs my travel reporting. It seems ironic that a frequent flying travel writer would find inspiration for his work from his hometown and long-time friends, but there you have it.

Happy Thanksgiving and happy travels!

About The Author

In dot 429's words: "dot429's Travel writer, Ed Salvato, is highly regarded as a journalist and LGBT travel guru. Salvato's work has been published by some of the most important LGBT media outlets, including Out Traveler, The Advocate, Out Magazine, OUT & ABOUT,,, and Ed's also the on-air call-in travel expert for the Derek & Romaine Show on Sirius/XM OutQ and Proud FM Toronto. Recently Salvato joined OutThink Partners, a communications and marketing firm, where he is excited to focus on travel, tourism, and the LGBT market." "Salvato is dedicated to connecting LGBT travelers with unique, interesting, and exciting experiences offered by hotels, resorts, and attractions that invite and welcome their business. Salvato is an active member of the dot429 professional network and editorial community." I've also been developing an expertise in social media. I have managed two large social media campaigns this year. One was for a $10M 3-week-long arts festival in Philadelphia (PIFA; ; the other for Philly's 11-day Independence Day festivities (Welcome America;

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