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It’s that time of year again! The time we all resolve to start over, the time to break old habits and the time to try something new. Fitness goals usually top the list of New year’s resolutions, and most of us know that making the resolution is easy, it’s the follow-through that’s tough. However, this year, dot429 members are getting a little help on that follow-through with out and proud health guru Jackie Warner, star of Bravo’s hit show Thintervention.

One of the biggest barriers to achieving fitness resolutions is the simple lack of time. Whether we work way too many hours or travel way too often, many LGBT professionals have erratic schedules that make it difficult to get to the gym everyday. Warner offers on-the-go professionals 5 great ways to overcome this obstacle:

  1. Wake up in the morning, even when you don’t have any time, and knock out something called “300.” It’s 10 squats, 10 push-ups, and 10 crunches done a total of 10 times, very fast. If you do it fast and hard, it takes roughly seven minutes, and anybody can carve out seven minutes for his/herself.
  2. Buy portable fitness items, like a jump rope or a resistance band, and travel with that. Take it to your office and do two-minute sets.
  3. Make sure to break your sugar addiction. You start that at home; go through the cupboards in your kitchen and trash everything that has over five grams of sugar.
  4. Drink three liters of water a day and add a little lemon juice to it. The lemon juice is a liver detoxifier, and the liver is the number one organ responsible for metabolizing fat. If you drink three liters, your metabolism increases by about 30 percent, and that is very substantial.
  5. Google classes in your neighborhood. Think about things you’ve always wanted to do, like dance class, boxing class, or boot camp. Classes are usually inexpensive, about $15 per session. They’re a good workout, and you have a good support system because everybody there is like-minded.

    With these great tips we no longer have an excuse to following through with fitness resolutions. So get cracking, and make 2011 a great year!

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