Video: Sandra Bernhard On All Things LGBT


dot429’s New York On The Dot Columnist R. Couri Hay takes Sandra Bernhard through the paces on everything LGBT-related.  Sandra discusses being out in Hollywood, her relationship with Madonna, being a mom, and even offers advice for aspiring out entertainers.  Having survived and thrived in the entertainment world, Sandra has developed a no-nonsense motto, “If you don’t have something to add to the national conversation that elevates it and brings it to another level, then don’t do it.  Don’t infiltrate a business that’s already rife with mediocrity.”

Click below to watch R. Couri Hay’s exclusive interview with Sandra Bernhard at the Greg Ruggeri Salon in NYC.

About The Author

R. Couri Hay is dot429’s new out and very about columnist in New York City . He will be writing about things you should do, see and beware of. Couri is also shooting provocative video interviews with LGBT stars that will take you inside their lives both professionally and personally. This month he puts Sandra Bernhard through her paces and asks the questions you want answered. Hay started his career as one of the founding editors of Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine and helped create Andy Warhol TV. He went on a to write for Town and Country, People and The Advocate among others publications. Couri appears regularly on television as a commentator covering the worlds of Hollywood and high society . His appearances include, The Today Show, PBS, ABC’s Primetime Live, CNN Headline News, Showbiz Tonight, E! News Live, Fox, Extra, VH1’s The Fabulous Life and Celebrity Cheaters, E Hollywood True Story, ABC World News Now, and Bravos The Real Housewives Of NYC to name a few. He founded R. Couri Hay Creative Public Relations, a full-service PR, marketing and press agency over 20 years ago. The firm delivers high-caliber coverage and branding for individuals, products, services and events. Couri has represented fashion designers, artists, movie stars , doctors, lawyers, clubs, restaurants, celebrities, developers, and brokers. His clients have included Harry Winston, Prada, Krug, Bulgari, Twenty9th Park Madison , Veuve Clicquot, Bergdorf Goodman and the Julliard School of Music . One of his companies missions is to marry luxury to philanthropy. He has represented the YMCA, YWCA, The Society of Memorial Sloan- Kettering Cancer Center, The Humane Society of New York, ASPCA, the American Ballet Theatre, Southampton hospital, New Yorkers for children, and The Julliard School to name a few. Couri lives in NYC and Southampton with his two Ruby King Charles Cavaliers Brooke and Cornelia. For more information go to

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