dot429’s Anito Lo Joins Japan Relief Effort


Some of the world’s most esteemed culinary masters, including Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, Michelin Star Chef Anito Lo, and Madonna’s personal chef Mayumi Nishimura, have teamed up with founder Phil Michaelson to provide Japanese recipes to help the American Red Cross with their relief efforts in Japan.  The website recently launched and will provide donors with a digital cookbook with 21 Japan-inspired recipes from this esteemed list of top chefs for any donation made of $10 or more.

Following the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami, New Yorker Phil Michaelson decided take action.   The founder of combined his culinary passion and his wish to assist in relief efforts by knocking on the doors of Manhattan’s top restaurants and tweeting to renowned foodies to ask them to contribute to “KeepRecipes for Recovery.”   His call to action was not denied and many of today’s most famed culinary icons donated one or more of their recipes to “KeepRecipes for Recovery” to help raise funds for the American Red Cross.

dot429 founding member, Michelin Star Chef Anito Lo, spoke to us about this amazing fundraising effort saying, “the goal is to raise as much money as possible for Japan.”  Admitting that her favorite recipe is the Chawan Mushi because it is easy and versatile, Lo says, “the founder came into the restaurant and spoke with my manager, Greg. We gave him the recipes I think the next day.”  Clearly taking a call to action, Lo also tells us that ” Top Chef Masters has opened many doors for me, in that it has given me a broader audience. People now recognize me every so often on the street.”

Lo is very open about her sexual orientation in the workplace and believes, “some restaurants are more open than others, but in general, the restaurant industry is very diverse.” On advice for aspiring chefs, Lo says, “cooking well requires passion.  Find a restaurant where you love the food, work hard and stay for at least one year.”

Along with Lo’s phenomenal dishes, recipes will be featured from culinary icons, including Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto’s (Braised Black Cod), Madonna’s personal macrobiotic chef Mayumi Nishimura (Wakame Soup with Snow Peas and Ginger), New York Times columnist and Best Selling author Mark Bittman (Baked Mushroom-Sesame Rice Balls) and “Breakaway Cook” author Eric Gower. KeepRecipes will donate $0.86 cents for every dollar of revenue generated through the sale of the “KeepRecipes for Recovery” digital cookbooks sold until June 30th to the American Red Cross.

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