The Royal Wedding: Dress Speculation


Recently, when I ask people whether or not they are excited about the Royal Wedding, I generally receive a groan and an eye-roll. While personally, I can’t wait for the fast-approaching big day, we can all admit that the media coverage has gotten slightly out of control, and lost track of what the event is all about.
Between gabbing over the rumored guest list to picking apart the locations, people can’t stop talking about it and judging it, before it has even happened! I couldn’t care less about the location or what food they are serving because frankly, they’re royalty, it’s going to be fabulous – but obviously I cannot wait to see the dress. Believe you me; I will be up at 4 AM Eastern Standard Time waiting with tea, scones, and bated breath.
A plethora of talented designers have been speculated, including Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, Jasper Conran, Alice Temperley, Bruce Oldfield — and now, Sophie Cranston. While most fashionistas favor the idea of McQueen, the up-and-coming Sophie Cranston seems to be ahead of the pack at the moment. The designer, who is behind the label Libelula, may be somewhat new on the scene, but she is far from unaccomplished. She was honored as Designer of the Year at London’s Graduate Fashion Week in 1999, and has experience at successful fashion houses Alexander McQueen and Alice Temperley. Of course, this is all speculation. The Daily Mail, one of Britain’s most prominent newspapers, confirms that they have done a successful job keeping everything under wraps, and that all they know is the dressmaker is “fairly unknown.”
Regardless of what she’s wearing, renowned stylist and fashion expert Phillip Bloch states that it doesn’t matter – we will love it no matter what because of its enormous significance. “When Elizabeth Emanuel designed Princess Diana’s gown — no one had ever heard of her before, and we didn’t hear much about her after. Diana was the name, it doesn’t matter who made her dress. The ‘80s were a terrible time for fashion. It was Diana who made the dress; it was not the dress that made Diana,” Phillip told me.
Even though I cannot wait to see Kate Middleton’s look, I realize it is less about the fashion, and more about the moment in time this represents. Phillip noted, “It’s a big moment in history. It sets the tone for little kids to adults, and brings a little romance back to the world, something that we all have missed.” Romance is certainly something we all have missed. In a world where a ridiculous percentage of marriages end in divorce, and where celebrities dash to the altar after mere weeks of knowing each other, it is remarkable to see a couple with such a rich history who are ready to move forward and celebrate their love.
This is a true fairy tale, not just for little girls in Britain who dream of following Middleton’s fate. Avenue Editor-in-chief and fashion writer Peter Davis explains the American fascination with the event, stating, “America hasn’t had anything close to royalty since Jackie Kennedy during her too-brief White House years, so it’s fun for us to drool over the Royal Wedding action across the pond.” Even though stereotypes fuel the idea that the British are uptight and snobby, Kate Middleton, just like Princess Diana, seems approachable and friendly.

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