Gay 2.0 – Upgrade for Free


Call it a generational shift or a social evolution. But changing attitudes towards homosexuality over the past decade or so have triggered a change in the way that many gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people view themselves – and the world around them.

As shame and self-loathing is giving way to pride and self-confidence, long-standing stereotypes and aspects of traditional “gay” culture are evolving into more optimistic attitudes that reflect a new sense of openness and freedom.

Welcome to Gay 2.0.

Gay 1.0 –  Fear and homophobia in high school

Gay 2.0 – Gay and Straight Alliance Clubs in high school


Gay 1.0 – Gay men vs. lesbians

Gay 2.0 – Gay men working with lesbians – towards common goals


Gay 1.0 – The Man That Got Away

Gay 2.0 – Born This Way


Gay 1.0 – Closeted at work

Gay 2.0 – Out at work – and joining your company’s LGBT group


Gay 1.0 – Sondheim cynicism

Gay 2.0 – Glee optimism


Gay 1.0 – Fag hags

Gay 2.0 – Straight allies


Gay 1.0 – Circuit parties

Gay 2.0 – Fundraisers


Gay 1.0 – Will & Grace

Gay 2.0 – Modern Family


Gay 1.0 – Cruising

Gay 2.0 – Networking


Gay 1.0 – Manhunt

Gay 2.0 – dot429


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Adam Sandel is a playwright, screenwriter, lyricist, journalist and film critic living in San Francisco, California. He's the film writer for dot429 Magazine and is the host of the internet radio show "Happy Hour" on

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