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Once upon a time, some of us were forced to attend dreaded cotillion lessons where there was no choice but to ballroom dance with a member of the opposite sex (with one eye fixed on that dapper young man in a suit). Thus were painful memories of etiquette forever etched into our minds.   

dot429 member Corey Rosenberg might not be teaching us how to properly court a lady in his debut book The Gay Man’s Guide to Timeless Manners and Proper Etiquette, but he does offer tongue-in-cheek (and often hilarious) advice for gay men on how to behave in “Polite Social Society.”

In a world full of what he calls “jock strap-chic attire and circuit parties,” some could argue such a guide for gay men has been sorely needed.

Raised in Weston, Connecticut, with neighbor Martha Stewart just around the corner, Rosenberg grew up with a strong appreciation for manners and etiquette, citing his stepfather and aunt as primary role models.  

“My stepfather raised us to be ‘client dinner ready’ meaning that if he brought any of us to dinner with one of his clients, we would order properly, put our napkins in our laps, keep elbows off the table, and chew with our mouths closed. My Aunt Sheila often starts her sentences with ‘in a Polite Social Society.’ Her sense of class can only be described as delicious.”

Rosenberg believes that the gay community all too often suffers from the defects of narcissism and vanity, and he hopes that his guide will highlight the importance of social graces. It’s his intent for young gay men and women to learn that “there are more than enough clichés running around.”

“We need more young, confident leaders who are polite, responsible and making a difference, because such traits set them apart from the Britney Boys, or those who market themselves solely as sex objects, or the beautiful boys with nasty attitudes.”

With chapters such as “Sex, Threesomes, Fourgies and Homewrecking” and “How to Act in a Bar and in the Bedroom,” the guide never takes itself too seriously. Despite the laughs, Rosenberg manages to enlighten and inspire in chapters such as “Knowing About the Gays Who Paved the Way” and “A Crash Course on Noteworthy Gay Artists.”

In short, The Gay Man’s Guide to Timeless Manners and Proper Etiquette is a charming, fun read that will definitely come in handy at your next cocktail — or coming out — party.

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