He Was Drawn This Way


Move over Kurt Hummel of Glee, there’s a new out gay high schooler on the pop culture scene. He’s blond, he’s hot – and he hangs out with Archie, Veronica, Reggie, Betty and Jughead.


Kevin Keller, the first openly gay cartoon character to join the Archie Comics universe, has become such a hit with readers that he’s getting his own book.


According to the Archie comics website, the character’s popularity was cemented when his record-breaking debut sold out and resulted in the first reprinted issue in Archie Comics’ 70 year history. Kevin is currently being featured in a four-part mini-series under the Veronica title, which has led to him being awarded his own on-going title.

In his current arc, Kevin deals with the trials and tribulations of being Riverdale High’s first openly gay student on top of being the new kid in town. With the support of his family and new friends, Kevin manages to rise above any adversity he encounters and isn’t afraid to be himself.

In addition to the new series, Kevin’s future will be explored in upcoming issues of Life With Archie, (which follows the teen characters into adulthood) in which Kevin will not only be involved in a relationship, but may also have wedding plans on the horizon.


Apparently gays have more equal rights in Riverdale than they do in most U.S. states.


The overwhelmingly positive response to the character has generated major press attention including stories in Time Magazine and The New York Times.


For more information on Archie’s new gay pal, go here.

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