Tim Cook Takes the Reins at Apple


Apple’s Steve Jobs has resigned from his position as Chief Executive Officer and former COO Tim Cook has taken over as CEO. Jobs will be Chairman of the Board of Apple and Cook will take a position on the board as CEO.

According to the Advocate, Tim Cook has been described as a “lifelong bachelor” and “intensely private” by other media outlets, but [the blog]Valleywag says it has confirmed through “two well-placed sources” that he is gay.

Reported Valleywag: “One tech executive who has spoken to multiple Apple management veterans about Cook was told executives there would support Cook if he publicly acknowledged his orientation, and even would encourage him to do so as he steps up his leadership role, but that they also had concerns about whether his coming out would impact the perception of the Apple brand.”

In April, Out magazine listed Cook atop the Power 50 list, which honors influential LGBT people. Cook isn’t officially out, and he’s one of many public figures who fall into that category, including CNN’s Anderson Cooper and IAC Chairman Barry Diller.

Many activists feel that it’s the responsibility of all LGBT people to publicly come out, but here’s a radical idea. How about if – regardless of what Tim Cook chooses to share about his private life – we all send him hearty congratulations — and “good job!”


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